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Padel arrived in Perth thanks to 2 Spanish women

Padel arrived in Perth (Western Australia) thanks to 2 Spanish women: Twin sisters Silvia and Vanessa González-Quiñones Ortas.

We are so happy to be the official Spanish pioneers of Padel in Western Australia. Thanks to cext.es for spreading the word about our Padel Club.

In an interview with CEXT, Silvia says that the idea of creating paddle tennis courts in Perth arose five years ago but that it was not until three years ago that they began the procedures. And paddle tennis is more than a sport for the sisters, it is also a fun way to meet and connect with people.

And from the passion and effort of these two sisters came the first three paddle tennis courts in Perth, located in the Floreat neighborhood, within a tennis complex called Reabold Tennis Club. The rental of the courts costs between $12-15 per person, depending on the time slot, and it is necessary to download the Playtomic application to do so.

On the 28th of February, we officially opened the first three padel courts in all Western Australia. It was all Spanish styled: sangria, paella and churros.

Vanessa arrived in Australia in 2007 to work in a research team at the University of Western Australia (UWA) as a PhD in soil biology. Silvia arrived in 2011 to face the arduous process of validating her physiotherapy degree and thus being able to practice in the country.

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You don’t know how to play paddle tennis and you don’t have a racket? Don’t worry, at Padel Perth they have a Spanish coach who can introduce you to this sport, and they also offer a racket rental and sale service.

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