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Padel Power in The Sunday Times article about our story was published on the 1st of March 2020, highlighting how we’re bringing this exciting sport to Western Australia.

Twin Spanish sisters are igniting a padel revolution at Reabold Tennis Club in Perth.

Vanesa and Silvia Gonzalez-QuiƱones opened the first padel tennis facility on Friday night.

With a massive following of 3,500 clubs in its homeland, the sport thrives there. The Reabold court adds to the existing ones in Sydney, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast, making Australia’s total number of courts four.

Padel combines elements of tennis and squash, played in doubles on an enclosed court. Players wield stringless paddles to hit a low-compression tennis ball against walls, with scoring similar to tennis.

Players start the game with an underarm serve. Once in play, the ball can be volleyed off both the back and side walls.

The sisters grew up in Madrid where they hoped to become tennis pros.

“We grew up playing tennis, trained three times a week, but at 15 we knew we were not that good,” Vanesa said.

Padel is finally in Perth, and we have three brand-new courts for you to enjoy.

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Padel Power in The Sunday Times - Padel Perth
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