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Twin sisters follow dream to bring Padel Tennis to Perth

Twin sisters follow their dream! After three long years of hard work and determination, Vanesa Gonzalez and Silvia Gonzalez-Quiñones are about to see their passion project come to life. Perth’s first padel tennis facility, Padel Perth Reabold, opens its doors at Reabold Tennis Club this Friday evening.

While Spain boasts a massive 3,500 padel clubs, the sport is still in its early stages here in Australia. With the official opening of the Padel Perth Reabold courts on Friday, Perth will become home to only the fourth Padel tennis site in the country, joining existing centers in Sydney, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast.

Lifelong padel enthusiasts, the twin sisters have dreamt for nearly 30 years of bringing their love for the sport to Western Australia and sharing its joy with others. That dream takes a major step forward when life throws Vanesa a curveball in 2016 – she turns to Padel as therapy, and their mission to introduce Padel to WA intensifies.

Faced with a setback in 2016, Silvia and I decided to take a bold step: bring padel to Perth. We knew it would be a big risk, but our belief in the sport was unwavering. Padel became not just a passion project, but my personal therapy.

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